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Chooze Shoes Australia   >  25 September 2017


CHOOZE verb [chooz]

To make a choice that empowers confidence, creativity and the power to have a positive impact.


Creativity and confidence are two of the most important qualities we can foster in kids. When we feel confident in our choices, and feel empowered to think creatively, we can accomplish anything and reach our full potential.

It takes creativity and confidence to wear two different shoes, to stand out, to believe in one’s self. It takes creativity and confidence to CHOOZE with conviction. It takes creativity and confidence to truly have a positive impact in the world around us.

We believe that every child is born creative and it is our responsibility to nurture them with creative opportunities. It is what we CHOOZE to do with our creative abilities that truly sets us apart.

Every child is extraordinary when given the freedom to CHOOZE.


Add your creativity to our art boxes: In addition to using only vegan materials in manufacturing, we have chosen to create “Art Boxes” instead of shoe boxes, made from recycled cardboard. These re-usable boxes will inspire your kids to explore their creativity. Join us in thinking out of the “shoe” box by teaching your children how to care for the environment. Every little bit can make a world of difference.